Welcome to the Old Forest

Kuusamon kaupunki

In the old forest the sense of time changes and measurable time stops. The oldest trees in the forests of southern Kuusamo are approximately 650 years old, but history of the forest extends much further back.

Old forest is old natural forest, whose cycle of life humans don't touch.

A cone drops a seed, the seed sprouts, the tree grows, dies and feeds new growth as a decayed tree. A thousand years has passed. Seasons, storms and forest fires pass through, but the forest stays.

The natural forest accepts all species, including humans as an occasional wanderer and as a guest of the forest. Natural forest shows humans their place as one species among others.

On the top of the hill, at a campfire you can quiet down and read the whole story of Old forest, natural forest, primordial forest.


Näränkä Hill Trail


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